Writing Services

The Rosanne Ullman Better Writing Group provides top-quality writing, editing and proofreading for businesses and individuals. We are a partner with Write My Memoirs to help people tell their life stories.

For businesses, typical projects include:

  • Website content.
  • Blogs. Sample blog. We can ghostblog your blog in any industry!
  • Magazine articles. Sample magazine article. We will profile you as if you were featured in a magazine, and you can download it, post it online and print it out as a supplement to your resume, part of your dating profile, framed wall art or however you choose to use it.
  • Book editing. We will help you with organization, grammar and fact-checking.
  • Marketing brochures. Sample marketing brochure. Choose any size and format you like!
  • Newsletters. See a sample.
  • Speeches. We make you sound like you, only better!
  • Scholarly and research papers (editing only). We do not write college admission essays or homework assignments, but with your professor’s permission we will polish research papers required for a degree.

Project Fees

For some assignments, we will quote you a project fee. In that case, we ask for half the payment at the time of contract, with the remainder due upon completion of the project. Set project fees include:

  • Article of up to 5 magazine-page length: $400.
  • Article of 6-10 magazine-page length: $700.
  • Trifold or similar marketing pamphlet: $1,000 (writing only).
  • Flat rate for book editing: $12/400-word page.
  • Flat rate for website editing: $10-$20/page (depends on length of the web page).

Hourly Charges

  • Writing or heavy editing/rewriting: $75/hour.
  • Proofreading and very light editing: $50/hour.